Canoe trip

Perfect activity for team building
Experience Seminaire Aventure Canoe Sur Le Cher Groupe
©Expérience Séminaire Aventure Canoë sur Le Cher - Groupe|Aventure canoe

Wild above Montrichard, managed further downstream, the Cher has two faces, perfect for people who love nature or ‘slow tourism’.

For individuals, groups, families (with the famous ‘Family trip’), and companies, Aventure Canoë has many different packages to explore the Cher, the famous river know as the ‘Loire’s little sister’. We met two couples on holiday who made very different choices!

Their Opinions

We saw the region from a different perspective and that made us want to come back more often.

Michel and Colette, from Tours

“Of course, being from Tours, we knew the Chateau de Chenonceau, but this time we wanted to see it differently: by going under it in a canoe! My company organised a team building activity, there were about forty of us. We could invite our partners, so my wife came along too.

It was a really special day. In the morning, we parked in a large car park in Montrichard and had a good coffee on a terrace in the old town. Perfect! Then, we walked to the banks of the Cher where Frédéric and his team were waiting for us.  My wife and I are not very athletic and we have never canoed before. We were a little apprehensive, but they quickly put us at ease and the explanations were very clear.

We really enjoyed ourselves. The guides had a sense of humour and the picnic was really well organised: we enjoyed good local produce by the water under the trees, with a view of the chateau de Chenonceau in the distance. And to think that it’s only an hour from home! We got to see this region from a different perspective, and that made us want to come back more often. And to go canoeing again, because in the end we managed pretty well!”