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Troglodyte sites
Restaurant Cave Troglodytique Grill BeauvalRestaurant Cave Troglodytique Grill Beauval
©Restaurant Cave Troglodytique Grill Beauval

The troglodyte sites are a particularity in Touraine and the Loire Valley.
Mainly exploited in wine cellars to age and preserve the wines of the Loire Valley in ideal conditions: Gamay, Cabernet, Côt, Sauvignon … Some have seen their role diverted in a different way.

For example, it is possible to sleep in a troglo, a very pleasant and unusual accommodation, and it is also possible between Beauval and Chenonceau to dine in old tuffeau cellars. Restaurants filled with the warmth of open fires and that of their owners, happy to welcome you in all simplicity and conviviality.