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Cruises on the Cher river and the Loire

Toues, gabares, coches… all names of boats that floated on the waters of the Cher and the Loire.
Take a seat aboard a traditional boat or cruiser and learn more about our rivers and the villages they flow through…

Climb aboard the Tasciaca à Saint-Aignan for an hour’s cruise downstream, the unique panorama of the chateau and the Collegiate Church and the natural aspect of the wild Cher wild will surely delight.

A stone’s throw from Saint-Aignan, the wooden le Cherlock is moored in charming Montrichard. Let yourself be tempted by its authenticity and its French Brunch: an excellent picnic using seasonal produce.

Still on the Cher, aboard a traditional barge, discover the history of the canalized Cher and its needle dams… with the highlight of the cruise: the passage under the arch of the majesticchâteau de Chenonceau.

On the Loire, in Chaumont-sur-Loire at the foot of the chateau and the International Garden Festival, we find Millière Raboton, Homme de Loire, for trips aboard traditional boats. No predefined route: the Loire decides…




A day of celebration totally devoted to the Cher.


Jour de Cher, is a river festival which brings together all the residents of the valley, from Montrichard to Bléré. On the programme for this festive and friendly day is a river procession featuring some twenty rafts, each one designed and created by local residents.

This travelling event goes with the flow, as the locks open and close, with events, concerts and artistic displays.

On the route, the 5 needle dams and lock keepers’ cottages welcome a concert of strange instruments here, a tightrope show there, a funny choir a bit further on, and maybe some aquatic music or a wacky, poetic fanfare… These events allow everyone to relax, rest or eat at the stands run by associations and local producers.

The procession finishes at the Bléré-La Croix-en-Touraine bridge, before a lively evening, with a show, meal on the bridge, ball, fireworks and many surprises.