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For animal lovers

You just love animals and even after your visit to the ZooParc de Beauval, you still want more?

You will be spoiled for choice: Just a short distance from Medieval Amboise, 2 extraordinary sites are waiting to be discovered.

For even more amazement!


Visit Autrèche, 15 minutes from Amboise,

A whole new experience! Climb aboard the little train and travel through the enclosures to see fallow deer, stags, Corsican mountain sheep…

There are also other surprising species, such as rheas, emus, ostriches and even American bison.

The Autrèche safari train, for a great afternoon with your family!

Safari Train à la Réserve de Beaumarchais
Safari Train à la Réserve de Beaumarchais
Safari Train à la Réserve de Beaumarchais

Grand Aquarium de Touraine

Horseshoe crabs, discus, nautilus, blacktips…

Fascinating names, your eyes sparkle at the thought of seeing them in real life… Well, these are some of the residents at the Grand Aquarium de Touraine.

From the Loire to far flung seas, the grand aquarium de Touraine takes you through 6 perfectly reproduced habitats, which delight both young and old.

It all starts ‘at the beginning of the Loire‘: the Loire offers fresh water rich in oxygen. It is the privileged environment of trout, salmon and other small fish … We then move to the ‘banks of the Loire‘ to observe, in a 30 metre tunnel, (containing 750,000 liters of cold fresh water), carp, sturgeon and predators such as pike, zander or black bass.

The journey continues through the tropical zones, where the warm fresh waters are home to different animals from tropical countries: paddlefish, discus, spectacled caiman, archerfish…

For visitors who like to be scared: nothing better than spending a moment in ‘the fear of the dark‘… A twilight atmosphere allows you to plunge into a night world. You will be able to see the big catfish swimming round and spot the eels coming out of their hiding places. For even more adrenaline, watch blacktip and whitetip sharks glide over you in the shark tunnel.

From Beauval to Chenonceau

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