Balande Gourmande Pique NiqueBalande Gourmande Pique Nique
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Les aires de pique-nique

Fancy a lunch on the grass, by the river …

Putting together your picnic basket in the South of the Loire Valley is very simple; between rillons and rillettes from Touraine, terrines from the Loire, goat cheeses, gourmet country breads and Sologne strawberries for dessert …

We deliver you the most pleasant places to spread your tablecloth and taste.



The area of ​​the canal bridge in Châtillon-sur-Cher
A picnic area by the Duc de Berry canal. This interesting work allows the Duc de Berry canal to span the Sauldre in five arches over sixty meters.

The Val de Galerne area in Châteauvieux
An area at the edge of a pond equipped with games for children.

The banks of the Cher at Chissay-en-Touraine
Tables and benches, sports course nearby

The picnic area of ​​the Château in Fougères-sur-Bièvre
50 meters from the castle

The castle park in Mareuil-sur-Cher
along the Cher river

Le Gué du Matin
At the edge of the tourist pond, an area equipped with children’s games.

The municipal pond of Monthou-sur-Cher -Etang Communal
In the serene and restful calm of a body of water

Parc Plage – Beach park and relaxation area in Montrichard
Area located in the tree-lined, quiet “Roger Goemaere” leisure relaxation area, around a body of water

The Trois Provinces area in Noyers-sur-Cher
A picnic area with services


Espace Girard-Rochais in Pontlevoy
Opposite the main facade of the abbey, on the footpath that leads to the camper van area, on the edge of the Anguilleuses stream, it has tables and benches for picnicking and a path interior to access the bowling alley.

The Belle Etoile Park in Pontlevoy
Very wooded, with games for young children, tables and benches, it adjoins the indoor tennis room.

The area of ​​the communal pond in Pouillé
An area located in a very pleasant natural area with games for children

The Ile-Plage of Saint-Aignan
A picnic area right next to the beach island of Saint-Aignan on the banks of the Cher with its superb view of the castle and the collegiate church

The Port at Saint-Georges-sur-Cher
By the river, furnished space

Seigy area
An area located in a green space, located on the banks of the Cher

Selles-sur-Cher picnic area
On the banks of the Cher with tables and benches and a children’s play area

In my picnic basket ...

You have chosen the ideal place, 2nd step, we compose your basket!