Enigmatique Monuments des Maselles Sites Gallo Romain Thésée Loir-et-Cher

Thésée village

Located on the Cher Valley tourist route, between Saint-Aignan and Montrichard, the wine-producing village of Thésée has a rich gallo-Roman history.

Les Maselles gallo-Roman site

An impressive gallo-Roman site is found on the Cher Valley tourist route: les Maselles.

These imposing monuments have always intrigued visitors and specialists, antique dealers, archaeologists, historians… Each has an explanation (some more likely than others) on the role of these enigmatic buildings.

For today’s visitor, the Maselles are the most immediately visible vestiges of  Tasciaca (ancient name of Theseus). However, the largest of them are underground, or can only be seen a few centimetres above ground. Some have been excavated, such as the fanum, in Pouillé, or have, after being studied, been buried again to ensure their conservation.

The Musée Archéologique

Using pieces found during archaeological digs between 1960 and 1982, or artefacts found in the villages of Thésée, Pouillé, Monthou, the archaeological museum presents different aspects of the lives and activities of the residents of Tasciaca as well as explaining why the site was so prosperous in the early centuries of the common era.

Also worth exploring

The park in Vaulx Saint-Georges

The gardens of the town hall (19th century building) are home to majestic trees, such as redwoods, a cedar of Lebanon, the tulip tree, the trio of purple beeches and even Laricio pines as well as a dozen different varieties of wild orchids.

The park is the starting point for three hiking trails.