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in Sud Val de Loire


During the Renaissance, the construction of the Loire chateaux led to a massive extraction of this stone, which was known to whiten and harden as it aged.

Bourré, a small village, neighbouring  Montrichard, and just 12 km from the château de Chenonceau,  is home to over 400km of subterranean galleries and caves which were used by men for centuries for various different purposes.


Explore the troglodyte heritage for an unusual visit…

Some underground galleries and caves are now used to store and mature the wine produced by our local winegrowers. Others are the stage for events and activities for holidaymakers in the Loire Valley.

The Magnanerie de Bourré is a place to visit which tells the history of a peasant home where the family began silk making and breeding silk worms. This is a very traditional craft in the Loire Valley, as just a stone’s throw from Bourré, Tours was the silk capital in 1546.

The troglodytes who live in the Magnanerie will give you a very warm welcome. You can visit a part of the interior and find out more about this way of life.

Explore the troglodyte world… of a buried village!

Still in Bourré, take a stroll through the underground town… a reconstitution of a village square with its church, its windows and its residents. An underground world and a mysterious decor, 50 metres down, carved in stone which testifies to the talent of the stonemasons and offers you a breathtaking spectacle.

Another unusual troglodyte site in our region is the Bourré mushroom cellar! Neither animal nor plant, the conditions in troglodyte caves are perfect for the fungus. The artisan production is spread over several kilometres of galleries and different levels. Oyster mushrooms, blue foot, button mushrooms… find out more about the production of this delicate and sensitive ingredient.

Bourré was for many years an important place for the cultivation of button mushrooms.

Troglo dégusto, a timeless, unusual site

Imagine a gallery over 30 km long, spanning 3 levels; Imagine drawings of quarries on the rock walls… Make your way through the mazes of Troglo Dégusto: More than 1500 years of history.

An underground treasure hunt:
Set off on a ‘journey to the centre of the Earth’, with your children, and just a scrap of parchment, left by ‘Grandpa Marcel’. Search for the fabulous treasure hidden in the ‘tuffeau’ galleries.

Escape Game:
Great for teenagers and friends… Trolglo dégusto turns into a 4 km playground as you set off on an adventure in search of John Law’s treasure.

And to round it all off perfectly… Try some Touraine PDO wines from the Tabourelles estate as you leave! That’s if you can get out…