Destination Sud Val De Loire Le Cher Adn TerritoireDestination Sud Val De Loire Le Cher Adn Territoire
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The Cher, our region's DNA

Living and wild, it is THE link between all the residents of the Valley. Like a matriarch, it is always there for us.

The Cher cradles the villages and towns it crosses. Locals like to meet there for an improvised picnic, some fun with the children, a spot of fishing with friends or a boat trip to see the flora and fauna.


From the Massif Central to Touraine


368 kilometres long, the Cher rises in Merinchal (Creuse), in the Massif Central, and joins the Loire in Villandry (Indre et Loire). It is the Loire’s second largest tributary after the Allier.

In Sud Val de Loire, the Cher  flows through the south of our region, from Selles-sur-Cher to Saint-Georges-sur-Cher via Saint-Aignan and Montrichard.

On the right bank, the remains of the gallo-Roman site in Thésée and the Château du Gué Péan in Monthou-sur-Cher can be seen, while on the left bank, there are various churches.

It continues on into Indre et Loire, flowing under the arches of the Château de Chenonceau, then crosses villages before reaching the south of Tours, passing close by the Château de Villandry, before joining the Loire.



The Cher has been used for transportation since the 5th century BCE. Dams didn’t exist at that time, making sailing on the Cher a hard and dangerous job. It wasn’t until the 19th century that it was developed, thanks to the construction of needle dams and locks.

On the banks of the Cher, towpaths were created, allowing boats to be pulled along by people, mules or horses. These boats transported various goods, such as coal, steel, oil, wood, sugar, and the famous ‘tuffeau’ stone.

A real part of life

THE CHER can be explored in different ways: On foot or by bike, you can make your way along the towpath, previously used by people, mules or horses to pull the boats along. Between Montrichard and Chenonceau, the first section of the Cher à vélo“Coeur de France à Vélo” cycle path was created, which links to the popular greenway: la Loire à Vélo.

On a boat trip or in a canoe, you are surrounded by nature. Marvel at the incredible flora and fauna, see nesting sites of various species, and fish, such as carp, perch and pike.

All along the river, you can see the technical achievements, the needle dams and lock gates, and works of art by Leonardo de Vinci.

The Sud Val de Loire, a perfectly sized adventure in the heart of an abundant, verdant nature…