Petits chevaliers et princesses

Chateaux for families

The Loire chateaux treat your children like royalty…

You may want to visit the Loire chateaux, but you’re concerned your children will be bored… No need to worry, many of the Loire chateaux have events or visits specially designed for children.

Here is our  Child Friendly selection!

Trust us, they’re going to love French history!

Wearing a princess’s gown or becoming a knight is a dream for children (and some adults too…)

So that this dream can become a reality during your visit, many chateaux have created animated tours and games.

This is certainly the case at Château de Cheverny, where they have pulled out all the stops to entertain the children!

On the programme: A LEGO® exhibition ‘Cheverny in the Renaissance’. The famous little bricks invite young and old on a journey through time. There are various creations to discover, such as the model of the chateau in 1510 and the Mona Lisa.

The ‘le Trésor du Chancelier’ treasure hunt: search for the clues which will lead you to the Cheverny treasure chest. The best treasure hunters might get to keep some.

And let’s not forget the Tintin exhibition ‘Les secrets de Moulinsart’. Moulinsart was know as Marlinspike Hall in the English version.

At Chenonceau, there is a puzzle book and an audio-guide specially designed for children. Have fun as you make your way through this jewel of the Renaissance, with its two galleries overlooking the river and the French-style gardens. And learn all there is to know about the 2 ladies in the chateau’s history, Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers.

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At Montpoupon, there is a whole range of activities designed for families, from the guided tour of the chateau, led by Louise, the chambermaid, to the giant Cluedo or the madeleine baking workshop…

And let’s not forget the forest trail in the chateau park, where children can explore freely, in an unspoiled natural environment, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Loire Valley.

At Chambord, an entertaining visit or a puzzle book…

During this entertaining visit, children will meet Julien, the master horologist, Brother Thomas or Gaspard, François I’s bodyguard. Witnesses to the key events in history, they will lead children and their parents on a great adventure through the chateau.

At Valençay, audio-guides and puzzle books allow even the youngest to enjoy the visit. The 53 hectare park is full of activities for children, such as Antonin’s garden, Napoleon’s great maze, picnic area, saut du loup ditch, playground, little farm and deer park. So many opportunities to learn while having fun.

The Fortress de Montbazon, a stone’s throw from the Sud Vale de Loire, surrounds you with a Medieval experience.

The Fortress de Montbazon is one of the oldest medieval structures in France. Knights, blacksmiths, herbalists and workers will reveal the Fortress’s mysteries, their secretes and their expertise to young visitors.

Children can learn to make various objects, such as candles, sculptures, leather jewellery, and pottery.

La Forteresse de Montbazon - saison 2017
La Forteresse de Montbazon - saison 2017
La Forteresse de Montbazon - saison 2017

Finally, to round up our selection of chateaux for families, we have the château des énigmes – Val de Loire in Fréteval, for some great entertainment. The 19th century Château de Rocheux and its tree-lined park is explored through a giant treasure hunt, completed with Willy and Arsène in search of King Philippe Auguste’s treasure.

Le Château des Énigmes - Jeu de piste pour les enfants
Le Château des Énigmes - Jeu de piste pour les enfants
Le Château des Énigmes - Jeu de piste pour les enfants


thrills and thrills guaranteed to be enjoyed with the family!
Guet-apens royal au château royal de Blois

Take a leap into the 16th century and experience an exciting historical event! In December 1588, King Henry III prepared for the assassination of the Duke of Guise. He summons a handful of his closest followers to a secret room in the castle. The king entrusts each of them with part of his plan and asks them to keep the secret sealed under lock and key… Your mission will be to infiltrate the king’s supporters to try to thwart this ambush, you only have 60 minutes …

Use your logic, your team spirit and your sense of observation to solve the puzzles that will help thwart this deadly ploy. 160 m² of fun to discover the fascinating and mysterious history of the castle.

Amboise, to take over the empire!

It’s suspense and intrigue at the royal chateau d’Amboise!

A new Escape Game has been created in the heart of the chateau’s underground passages.

At the request of the King of France, try to unravel the secrets of these two mysterious emissaries of the Holy Empire, received at the chateau in May 1518. Friends? Enemies? You only have one hour!

It’s up to you to solve the mystery!

In Fréteval, at the chateau des Enigmes!

Entrance exam to the famous Academy of Sorcerers and Wizards of Rocheux

Summer 1903, the Chateau de Rocheux.

You and your friends only dream of one thing: to join the next class of the famous Academy of Sorcerers and Wizards of Rocheux.

But the selection is tough. Each year, many candidates fail the entrance exam, mixing spells and magic puzzles.

Will you succeed?